Today, and every other day like today, I have had enough. Enough of the fear for my father, my husband, my brothers, my son, my nephews, my uncles, my cousins and every black male who have the audacity to just breath. Enough of the killings, the murders, the straight genocide of our black boys and men. Enough of the “he must have done something wrong” or “why didn’t he run” and “why didn’t he just comply” I have had enough of the pain, the constant pit in my stomach. I have had enough of the tears, the RIPs, the images that are tattoed in my mind drilling a hole in my heart taking me to a place of rage and hopelessness.

Ever wonder... How many black mothers will be waiting up for their sons tonight never to hear their voices again? I do. Have you ever wondered: How many widows will cry themselves to sleep tonight to an empty bed because a cop didn’t see fit to let her melanated husband live? I have. Have you ever wondered: How many black kids are walking around with the fear of saying, doing, wearing, looking and just being the wrong way because the consequence is death? I have. Have you ever ever wondered: How many siblings will be left behind with a clear understanding that to the world they are seen as less than human? I have. But the question I am asking myself today is: How many will it take? I can’t even begin to enumerate... the list never ends so I repeat: HOW MANY WILL IT TAKE? 



Enough of the deafening silence, the voluntary denial of our existence, experience, our history. See me, see them , See us!  Acknowledge! Do something! Say something! This is a black or white situation, it’s that clear! Let me reiterate there is no gray area here.  I am not preaching to the choir and I am not trying to sway those who don’t see me as human. I am talking to those who walk beside me with all your privileges and see them stepping on my neck and just watch. There are no innocent bystanders. We are fighting for our lives and I truly believe that if you stay silent and don’t stand up for me, for him, for them you might as well pull the trigger yourself. We don’t need your sympathy nor empathy or even your words right now, we need your actions.  It’s the only thing that will be enough. 



Now for those who are wondering what can I do ... let me say this, what if it was one of your own? Your daughter, your son, your brother, your father? What would you do? Pretend it’s the neck of your childhood friend that is being stepped on or pretend that it’s your better half and children that are being used as target practice, just pretend ... Now, I need you to wonder why you feel more outrage thinking of those images then when you see a man that looks like my father, my brother, my son get his life taken away in broad day light with no accountability what so ever!!! 


Enough is a word that means exactly what it’s meant to mean to (exactly) who reads it. It has no pretense of knowing the what but sure as hell knows that whatever it is, it’s just that.  So I will let it speak to you as clearly as it speaks to me and let you tell me the what that is in front of you, that you have left behind not to be found in the middle of. Vent, cry and shout it out loud and clear.

I have had enough
No mas
I am done
We are enough
We are worthy

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